Digital Products

If your digital embroidery file or vector file has a problem, SBS Digit will correct it for you as long as the problem is on our end. If a customer requires a different format, we would gladly offer it free of charge. Due to the nature of the product, digital items are non-refundable; however, if your problem persists and we are unable to resolve it, we will offer you a refund.

Physical Products

If you believe the supplied goods is defective for any reason, please follow the instructions below:

Send us your product photos, together with your order number and a brief explanation of your issue, to Within 24 hours, a sales person will contact you.

You can contact us by phone or email, and one of our sales representatives will investigate the problem and, if the error is confirmed, we will replace the goods for you.

Return Method

When an error is proven, we will make every effort to immediately repeat the order (following the guidelines under ‘claims’). We’ll complete the remanufacturing order precisely as you requested, with the exception of any faults we made. When processing the remanufacturing, we will not modify the product, logo, artwork, or imprint color.

The customer will have 7 days from the date of delivery of the items to complete the whole complaint process. He is welcome to contact us regarding the issue. A written complaint, along with accompanying photos demonstrating the issue, must be forwarded to us through email for inquiry. If the factory confirms the error, the client must return the entire purchase in the original packing and full quantity  delivered to him in order to get a complete refund. The customer will be responsible for returning the product through ground shipment at his own expense.

The order will be made exactly as per the original order specifications, with the exception of any mistakes. Within 8-15 business days, we will ship the remade order to the customer.

If the client wants a refund, there will be no remake and the reimbursement will be handled in 7-10 business days.

Refund Policy

The customer will be responsible for returning the product through ground shipment at his own expense.

The refund will be handled once the items have been returned, and the client will get the reimbursement within 4 to 5 days after the fault has been confirmed.

Costs of return shipping are the responsibility of the customer.

For a complete refund, the client must return the entire order to the firm in its original quantity as per the invoice of the real order.

For a complete refund, the customer must return the merchandise at his own expense.