3d Puff

3D Puff Digitizing: Elevate Your Embroidery with Dimensional Precision

We also referred to as puff embroidery, foam embroidery, or raised embroidery, is a captivating form of artistic expression frequently employed in hat and cap digitization. It is employed to create striking three-dimensional effects (3D Puff Digitizing). What sets 3D Puff Digitizing apart is its utilization of a physical material (foam) rather than solely fabric and thread, making it markedly distinct from the digitization of typical embroidered designs.

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Some Basics About 3D Puff Digitizing

Its digitizing is a remarkable embroidery technique that utilizes inner-lining foam to create a three-dimensional effect in designs. Various types of foam are employed, each offering distinct appearances and characteristics. Thicker foam materials are particularly suitable for 3D Puff Digitizing on items like caps, hats, jackets, and bags. This technique unquestionably enhances the visual impact of your artwork, making it truly stand out.

How to Embroidery 3D puff Foam?

1st Step
2nd Step
3rd Step
4th Step


When it comes to 3d embroidery or foam embroidery,
the initial step is to stitch simple embroidered
components before moving on to the foam sections.

Step -02

After the last embroidered flat piece, make a machine stop.
After pausing the machine, place the foam where you want it to be stitched and restart it.


Tack-down or holding stitches are used to attach the foam to the cloth after it has been laid down. Allow the machine to operate until the design is complete.


Remove the foam once the last thread is stitched by simply pulling it off and tearing it away effortlessly.

Tips for 3D Logo digitizing

01- Use always satin stitch for 3d foam

02-Slow speed always produce the best results.

03- Sharpen your needles, in order to make it easy to remove the foam after it is highly recommended that sharp needles must be used for perforations

04- Choosing the right foam is very important too, as with stiff foam it’s hard to remove the excess after embroidery

05- Always create the outline first so that foam can stitch with fabric.

06- Lay the underlay, using zigzag with stitch spacing of 1.5 – 2.0mm lay an underlay to keep the foam down along with cutting and covering.

07- Use less density in base layer than top layer of designs in 3D puff embroidery.

08- Always set stitch density higher for the 3D puff embroidery than normal flat designs.

09- 3d foam are being use widely on variety of fabrics specially like hat material .it’s not recommend to use delicate fabric or slippery fabric due to the nature of designs.

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