SBS Digit - Who We Are?

SBS Digit has been working in the embroidery digitizing industry since 2001. Our large experience of working in embroidery digitizing services has enabled us to offer the highest quality digitizing services to our customers. SBSdigit started as a small embroidery digitizing company catering needs of local businesses, and industries. Over the years, we have outgrown to become one of the leading embroidery digitizing company in the country. Our uncompromised quality, use of latest technology, experience digitizers, and large infrastructure make us an unbeatable resource for local, and international industries. Till now, we have served thousands of national, and international businesses in UK, USA, and Canada. We understand your digitizing service needs and we have the right expertise and capacity to undertake even the most complicated designs.

At SBSdigit, we have one simple objective, deliver uncompromised quality, and affordable embroidery digitizing services to customers. We digitize the designs keeping in view the final product. Each day we strive to enhance our services and come up with better technology, and expertise to offer seamless digitize designs with minimal thread breakage, thus optimizing the productivity.
To ensure the quality of digitized design, we sew each and every design on our embroidery machine, to check for its compatibility and quality. Only when we are fully satisfied with the quality of digitized design, we deliver the final product to customers.
Apart from keeping up with the quality, we also understand the importance of keeping up with the timely delivery. Embroidery digitizing business is all about keeping up the pace with competitors. That’s why we have invested in a large, premium infrastructure facility, and over hundred expert digitizers. We have the capacity to process urgent logo digitizing, embroidery digitizing, as well as bulk digitizing orders in the stipulated timeframe.

Apart from embroidery digitizing services, we also offer reliable, and high-quality vector art conversion. Our logo digitizing services can help transform your raster logo to the vector format. We can also convert your low-resolution image into art files, which are scalable for large digital printing, plotting, or any other form of marketing material.

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SBS Digit is the most reliable Digitizing and Vector Art Conversion Service provider online where you can find the best quality of the required service at a very reasonable rate.

Workflow Process



To keep up with the pace, we have designed an efficient registration process where customers can simply fill out an online form and get registered. Once you are registered at our website, you can directly send orders online, or you can contact our customer representatives for any queries.


Ordering for embroidery digitizing hasn’t been easier than this. Once you are registered with our website, you can simply fill out the order form and send your orders online. You can also inquire about services or ask for a free quotation through online ordering form.
Ditizing / Art Conversion3

Ditizing / Art Conversion

We are experts in art conversion, and logo digitizing services. You can rely on our art conversion services to transform your low-resolution raster images into fully integrated, and scalable art files. We also offer logo designing and digitizing services.
Quality Check4

Quality Check

At SBS digit, we have put in place multiple levels of quality control checkpoints. Each order is checked at multiple levels to ensure compliance with the original design. Each order is sewed on our embroidery digitizing machine to check for the quality, and smoothness before being sent to the customer.
File Delivery5

File Delivery

Just like you can easily send your orders online, you can also download your files by simply login to your account. Once you log-in to your account, you will have the complete list of order files. All you gotta do is to click the file you are looking for and download it as you want. You can also get your orders through email (prior noticing required).


Customers are presented with a complete and detailed invoice at the end of each order. The invoice list all the services, as well as other payment details. Once the final order is delivered, the customer is charged through credit card. We accept Visa/MasterCard, and PayPal for payments.

About Our Digitizers - who will be doing your embroidery digitizing designs

Embroidery digitizing is all about the expertise, and experience of digitizers, more than anything else. To ensure uncompromised quality digitizing services, we have the services of some of the most experience, and expert digitizers in the market. Each and every digitizer working with SBSdigit comes with at least 5 years of professional working experience. We also frequently conduct training sessions, and workshops to ensure our digitizers remain at par with all the latest technologies out in the market. All digitizers working for SBS digit are handpicked after rigorous testing, and interview sessions. We ensure our digitizers remain committed towards quality digitizing services and encourage customers to give their feedback for our services.

At moment, we have over hundred full-time professional experience, and trained embroidery digitizers working on projects. To ensure smooth operations across our operational expertise, we have tasked digitizers with specific tasks. Each order is being supervised by a senior digitizer who is responsible to carry out the supervision, and necessary quality control measures during digitizing process.

Customers are encouraged to share their aspirations for embroidery digitizing services, as well as we ensure a constant line of communication between customers, and digitizers. This help in promoting an environment of trust, and responsibility towards each order.


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Embroidery Digitizing

Every time you got to see some exquisite embroidery clothing, stunning logo, enchanting hat design, or precise emblem, you should understand the hard work, and sweat hours spent by expert digitizers to get that design done right.

Embroidery digitizing is a specialized service that is meant to offer fashion lines businesses, industries, and individuals a mean to get their desired artwork into a machine-readable format. The quality of embroidery digitizing service translates into beautiful, and stunning designs that you get to see all across the fashion industry. Now that’s the reason why you need a quality embroidery digitizing company, so you can be sure of optimal quality digitized file.

SBSdigit is a premium embroidery digitizing agency in the USA. Ok, we don’t call ourselves premium for no reason, rather we are in fact one of the largest, and most reputable Florida, USA, based embroidery digitizing company offering our services for over two decades.

What really separates us from other agencies is our commitment, and passion to serve the industry. we are offering complete embroidery digitizing solutions to businesses, industries, and individuals, in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Our thousands of satisfied national and international clients speak volume of our proficiency, and commitment to the industry.

Our range of custom embroidery digitizing include:

  •    Embroidery digitizing
  •    Custom digitizing
  •    Logo digitizing
  •    Hat digitizing
  •    Much more.

Here’s our stepwise approach to embroidery digitizing service that outshines other in the industry:

–    Before we begin actually digitizing, our expert and experienced digitizers have a close look into the embroidery design to understand the subtle complexities and intricacies of it. This is an important step to fully comprehend to customers’ needs and a refined product.

–    Once we get the design completely, we digitize a sketch, which represents a custom digitized file.

–    Once the sketch is ready, we determine the path of the needle. Knowing the precise path for the needle is important for the quality end-product

–    Once, we are done with stitching, we look out for any adjustment required.

–    After we are done with quality check, we sew the design (yes you heard that right), we sew the design on our own embroidery digitizing machine. This ensures the quality of our digitized file for real use

–    Only after we are completely sure of the quality, and preciseness of the file, we deliver it to our clients

Transforming imaginations into reality!

At SBSdigit, we believe in delivering absolute quality, for all digitizing needs. Our multiple quality control systems ensure that each, and every digitized file made by our expert digitizers conforms to the highest quality standards. We have one of the largest purpose-built infrastructure, which enables us to cater all volumes of orders timely. Our expert digitizers are handpicked with years of professional experience, and demonstrated skills in embroidery digitizing industry.

All of these add up to make SBSdigit one of the most respected, and premium embroidery digitizing service in the USA.

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SBSdigit is offering comprehensive vector art services, including raster to vector conversion, artwork conversion, vector art, color separation services, vectorize logo designing, customized vector artwork creation, color separation for screen printing, and various other vector art conversion services.

What is Vector Artwork Conversion?

Images come it two formats, the more common Raster formats (Bitmap), and vector formats. Raster images are based on pixels, which are the smallest elements of an image. These pixels have definite dimensions, and over-stretching, or compressing raster images can distort or blur the image.

Contrarily, Vector images are based on mathematically driven lines. These mathematical lines can be stretched or compress as much as you can, giving you complete freedom of scalability.

At SBSdigit, we are offering complete vector art conversion services, which are directed towards the conversion of your low resolution, vulnerable raster artwork into vector files, which are scalable to all levels. Our vector files are compatible with screen printing, vinyl plotting, digital printing and all other marketing, promotional printing. The raster to vector files created at SBSdigit can be scaled indefinitely, without any worries of pixilation, or image distortion. Moreover, the vector files created also are much easier to handle, modify, and store than raster imagery. The vector art conversion also helps businesses modify their existing logo design as and when they want.

Vectorization Services

SBSdigit is one of the leading agencies offering comprehensive, and reliable vector art conversion services, to individuals, businesses, and industries. We have one of the largest purpose-built infrastructures in place with contemporary software and hardware machines. Our experts are capable of delivering you exceptional vectorization services for all images, and logos. To ensure quality, we re-draw the image by hand; this is to ensure that the design looks and feel exactly like the original one. We can even convert your rough/incomplete sketches into vector format; all we want is a cleaned-up copy of the image/sketch. Our designers and experts are working round the clock to offer timely, and reliable vector art conversion services to customers.

With over two decades of experience working in the industry, we have the right expertise, and resources to help you with the best quality vector art conversion services in the USA. Our thousands of satisfied clients reflect the level of services, and commitment you can expect when you deal with SBS digit.

Color Separation Services

By color separation services, we are able to modify your artwork by segregating it into individual color components. This is primarily done for achieving great results in printing. At SBS Digit, we are offering 4 color separation services, Multicolor separation, spot colors, and Index color separation services.

All vector artwork services offered by SBS digit comes with a commitment to quality, and affordability. You can trust us for delivering you the best quality services in the USA. To keep up the pace, we are also offering same day services with a 24hour turnaround time.


“These are the greatest people to work with!, They will help you in any way possible. We get lots of free offers from other companies, but I stay with SBS Digit because I never have to worry about designs stitching correctly.”

Valerie Angel
– Client

“I just want you to know that I and all my customers that use your service think that your digitizing is great only to be surpassed by the level of service given to us by you and your staff. Keep up the great work.”

Rick Allen
– Client

“Thanks to SBS Digit. I am paying cash for a new 6 head embroidery machine. your embroidery is fabulous. I am so happy that I have met you guys. Your prices are very reasonable and your service is great. I know the time and effort you put in your work. You guys work so hard and I really appreciate it.”
Laura Burgess
– Client



About Online Payment

To ensure secure online transaction, we have adopted one of the safest online transaction modes, PayPal. The system is convenient, fast, and secure. Even people who don’t possess a PayPal account can use their credit card for payment. A secure and verified link is sent with the invoice e-mail (Paypal). Simply click the link within the email, and follow simple steps to be redirected to the safe, and secure online transaction site. The complete payment process can be completed within few moments.