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Choose from a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors to create a unique and personalized look that sets you apart. With our Custom Leather Patches, you can make a stylish statement while enjoying the premium quality and durability that only genuine leather can provide. Elevate your fashion with custom-made leather patches today.

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Material Used Tool Used

The materials for making a customized leather patch for a trucker hat are simple to get by. A blank trucker hat, some leather, and some adhesive are all you’ll need. A laser cutter and a digital copy of the pattern you desire on your leather patch are also required.

01- Leather

02- Art Knife

03- 24″ Masking Tape

04- Self Healing Cutting Mat

05- Scraper

06- Laser cutter

07- Painters tape

Tool Used


01- Laser specs: 60-watt Epsilon Fusion Edge

02- Raster Engraving: 500 DPI, 80% speed, 20%

03- Vector Cutting: 20% speed, 90% power, 60% frequency

How to creat leather Patch?

1st Step
2nd Step
3rd Step
4th Step

Create the Artwork

The shape of the patch determines how the artwork will be set up.To maximize the number of patches That can fit on the material,I usually nest the artwork myself. I also divided the artwork into two layers,One for cutting and the other for engraving.

Mask the Leather

One of the tactics I’ve picked up over time is to use low to medium tack Masking tape that masks the material. It is mostly for keeping the edges of the leather As clean as possible during the laser cutting process. Otherwise, the leather’s face will be unpleasant.

Laser Cut Patch.

Cut the individual patches first after masking the material.This procedure must be completed while the leather is still wrapped in masking to protect the leather’s face.After the patches have been cut, remove the masking from each of these to prepare it for laser engraving.

Engrave the Patches

Make sure that each leather patch is flat on the laser bed before laser cutting.You can start engraving the patches after everything is flat.


Caps, backpacks, trousers, and coats are all embellished with leather patches of varying sizes and shapes. The hand-made leather patches worn by America’s old-school fighter pilots have the same ageless look despite their variances in design.

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Free Editing Services

We have been continually employing different strategies in order to ensure customer satisfaction and the quality of our services, Therefore we offer 30 days free post-purchase design alteration and format change for digital service product if the buyer’s quality expectations are not reached.

Note: If the original purpose, size, or integrity of the digital design is changed, such as if the original artwork needs to be changed or the original size needs to be scaled-up or scaled-down, there will be no free alterations. A minimum amount will be charged depending on the complexity of modification.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If the buyer encounters any problems with the digital file provided by https://www.sbsdigit.com during the opening or stitching process, or if the buyer requires a different format, https://www.sbsdigit.com will resolve the problem and return the file to the buyer within the time frame agreed upon by the buyer and seller. If we are unable to remedy the issue from our end due to unforeseeable circumstances, the buyer will be entitled to a full refund.

However, if the problem is caused by the buyer, the buyer will not be rewarded with a refund. and we will resolve them for you. If, for any reason, we are unable to match your expectations due to an issue that arises from our end, we will refund your money in full, or you may choose to have another artwork digitized or vectorized.

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