Left Chest

Left Chest Embroidery Logo Digitizing

In the embroidery business, the left chest embroidered logo is the most often used logo size. It may be used by businesses, organizations, schools, and events, among other things. Because of the nature of the Left Chest Embroidery Logo’s use, it must be digitized by a professional digitizer to ensure that the digitizing quality is maintained. A skilled and experienced Digitizer’s innovative design digitising always stands out.

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How Left chest logo is digitized?

Logo Evaluation

Our Digitizers first check to see if this design is consistent with the customer’s size requirements; if it isn’t, we ask the customer to raise the logo size to get the most details. Otherwise, minor details may not be digitised, thus we inform the customer before starting the digitization process. We go on to the next phase after completing the evaluation procedure.

Image resizing

The next stage is picture cropping and scaling, which involves removing superfluous parts of the logo or image to obtain a clearer sense of what the artwork should look like. We adjusted the picture or artwork to the customer’s specifications after it was deleted. This is the size of the embroidered logo that will be applied to the apparel. For more details please read our Digitiziation .

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Once you are satisfied with the sample design, we then proceed with the rest of the assignment and deliver you an assignment at the earliest.

Free Editing Services

We have been continually employing different strategies in order to ensure customer satisfaction and the quality of our services, Therefore we offer 30 days free post-purchase design alteration and format change for digital service product if the buyer’s quality expectations are not reached.

Note: If the original purpose, size, or integrity of the digital design is changed, such as if the original artwork needs to be changed or the original size needs to be scaled-up or scaled-down, there will be no free alterations. A minimum amount will be charged depending on the complexity of modification.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If the buyer encounters any problems with the digital file provided by https://www.sbsdigit.com during the opening or stitching process, or if the buyer requires a different format, https://www.sbsdigit.com will resolve the problem and return the file to the buyer within the time frame agreed upon by the buyer and seller. If we are unable to remedy the issue from our end due to unforeseeable circumstances, the buyer will be entitled to a full refund.

However, if the problem is caused by the buyer, the buyer will not be rewarded with a refund. and we will resolve them for you. If, for any reason, we are unable to match your expectations due to an issue that arises from our end, we will refund your money in full, or you may choose to have another artwork digitized or vectorized.

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