Vector Art Services

Vector Art

Any image created with meticulous attention to detailing is called a vector image. The quality of these images which makes them exceptional is the ability of resizing them as much as we want without any damage to the resolution or quality and that is the main reason it is mostly preferred in commercial printing. Moreover vector images are conveniently customizable and makes it easier to add or subtract any sort of detail in the image due to which the output turns out exactly like you want it to be.

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Raster to vector Conversion

Many agencies offering raster to vector conversion utilize automate software to get the resultant vector formats. However, no automated software can produce a perfect vector. Thereby at SBSdigit, we go for a head-up approach for raster to vector conversion. By adopting a manual vectorization process, we ensure preciseness and quality maintenance of original design/work. This method also gives us complete control over layers, and we are able to deliver you vectorization services that stands-out from the rest.

Color Separation

For screen print on any cloth. The design must be split down into one color file. The job to split each color is called color separation. There may a fee charged with color sep, which is depend on the art, file, and size of design and qty of order. There are lots of terms, which are used to describe the issue of a design.

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Photo to Vector

SBS Digit specializes to convert image to vector file – from jpg, sketches, scans, and even photos – into highly flexible vectors. Vector images are tooled in a way that means they can be stretched, shaped, and resized without any loss of quality or blurry lines. We work with clients who need vector files for printing, engraving, web design, screen printing, CAD, and illustrations of all kinds. Our image to vector conversion service is fast, reliable, and priced for anyone to use.

T-Shirt Sublimations

In the dye sublimation process, dye is transferred onto materials and items including clothes, paper and more. At Monogram, we can come to your assistance if you are interested in dye sublimation t-shirt printing. The process enables us to print garments no matter what the design is and also print base colours and logos at the same time. Pantone matching is an important part of the process. We are currently able to offer dye sublimation for polo shirts, t-shirts, soft shell jackets and soft-shell gilets.

During the process, designs are put onto special transfer paper. This paper is then heat-pressed onto the garment in order for the design to be transferred. Dye sublimation is the ideal match for a wide range of garments.

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