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SBS Digit is offering comprehensive custom digitizing services for businesses, industries, and individuals in USA. Some of the services we offer include; embroidery digitizing services, customer digitizing, vector art conversion, cap digitizing, logo digitizing, and much more. We use state-of-the-art machines, and software, so you can be sure of getting the best-digitized files to be used on all sort of fabrics, apparels, or garments.

We have one of the largest (in terms of numbers), and a highly experienced team of digitizers working under one roof. Our large infrastructure, contemporary technology, and streamline processes enable us to offer customers unprecedented quality digitizing services for all their needs.

We understand the urgency associated with embroidery digitizing industry; where each business is competing for a cut-throat competition with other businesses. To ensure you stay on par always, we offer our customers with the fastest turnaround time for all embroidery digitizing services. Our customer representatives are always present to guide you through any queries, or changes. You can contact our customer representative any time of day & night through phone calls, emails, or through online messaging.

Once you have partnered with SBSdigit, we are sure you’ll never need to partner with another digitizing agency, ever!

Are you looking for Embroidery digitizing, to get your artwork transformed into embroidery designs OR Vector Art services?

Services Offered

Our Embroidery Digitizing & Vector Services

Logo Digitizing

The logo is an integral part of any business. It is one element around which the entire marketing campaign of business is built upon. SBSdigit offer businesses, and industries professional, and affordable logo digitizing services. Our expert digitizers using the latest technology, and software are able to deliver you peculiar, and intriguing logos, scalable to all marketing mediums including; hats, jackets, shirts, T-shirts, apparels, clothing, and much more.

Custom Digitizing

Need to preserve some artwork? Looking for a complex embroidery pattern digitization? Custom digitizing services from SBSdigit offer customers with a reliable, and affordable means to stay ahead of competitors with intriguing, and intimidating embroidery designs, and patterns. Our custom digitizing services can help you come up with the most complicated designs, perfectly digitized for your business.

Applique Digitizing

Applique digitizing refers to a special digitizing process where one piece of fabric is stitched together with another piece of fabric. Applique digitizing is a great way to come-up with rich textures and intriguing patterns.

3D Puff Digitizing

3D Puff digitizing is yet another complicated, yet captivating digitizing process. A foam is used to carry out 3D Puff digitizing, which gives the design a 3D appearance. Normally, the edges of the foam are sewed, whereas, the middle part of the foam is left elevated.

Raster To Vector

Raster image files comprise of pixels (picture elements). These image files have a definite resolution, which can be distorted by image compression, or stretch. Vector image formats are based on mathematical lines, which are completely scalable to all levels. At SBSdigit, we offer customers with precise, and high quality digitizing services for raster to vector conversion.

Vector Designs

Vector file format is pretty smaller than Bitmap images. These files are also scalable to all levels, without distorting the image/loss of resolution. All print houses require vector files for machine printing. Vector designs are also easy to modify, and you can always modify color, or theme of the vector design as per requirement.

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